Book your cruise in CAD and SAVE!

Here is a little known fact that we Canadians have been taking advantage of for years:

If you book your cruise in Canadian Funds, you can save a lot of money.


Many cruiselines offer rates in CAD that are at a lower exchange rate.  When the USD is high it can amount to hundreds (and sometimes thousands) in savings.

Here's an example:

Royal Caribbean offers a cruise for 2 for 2000 USD.  The exact same cruise in CAD is 2200 CAD through a Canadian Agency.  If the current exchange rate is 1.35, the cost of the cruise in Canadian $$ converts to 1630 USD.

Basically - pay 2000 USD or 1630 USD?

How can you pay in Canadian?  Easy.  Use a TICO registered Canadian Travel Agency like Expedia CruiseShipCenters

It does not cost anymore to book through an agent.  Whether you book through an agent or directly through the cruiseline, you will be paying the exact same amount.  The only way you will be paying more is if you use an agency that charges a service fee and Expedia CruiseShipCenters does not.

Another bonus when booking through a TICO registered agency:  if the cruiseline goes bankrupt you are covered.  This is because TICO has a compensation fund set up for this entire purpose.  To protect the consumer.  In Ontario, Canada, it is illegal to sell travel without being registered with TICO.

Not all cruiseline offer booking in CAD, but a lot do.  Before booking in USD, why not check with a TICO registered agency to find out!  A smart shopper shops around.

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